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We are a digital product studio using creative solutions, innovative technology, and an emphasis on qualitative growth while living our passion.

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What do we offer?

Software Development

We specialize in building custom applications, such as progressive web apps, company information systems, and customer portals using modern web technologies.
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Visual Design

Companies are perceived via their visual identity. Applications must have a stunning user interface and provide a great user experience. Digital products need both.
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Digital Marketing

With a complex marketing strategy, we can help your product and brand succeed. It includes branding, performance marketing, email campaigns, SEO, and analytics.
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Diagram showing the digital product being in the intersection of software development, digital marketing and visual design.

What is a digital product studio?

The digital product is a web application solving a problem for its users, from complex software through portals and e-commerce to simple websites. Digital Product Studio combines the software house's tech expertise with the marketing agency's creativity.

Starting as a software house

Sited started as a software development company creating custom software based on web technologies while allowing young people to join and learn.

We specialize in web technology including, but not limited to, TypeScript, Node.js, React.js, and Next.js.

While a software house can deliver exceptional code, the effective launch of digital products entails a full spectrum of digital services.

Designing together

For a product to reach its users, it should have a recognizable visual identity, which includes the rules of graphic elements such as a logo, typography, colors, and communication materials. It's part of branding, not just for products but for companies as well.

Digital Products are created for their users; therefore, they must have a pleasing user interface (UI) and a great user experience (UX). We can design interfaces effectively because our designers and programmers work closely throughout every stage of the process.

Marketing strategy

Branding is a process where a business makes itself known to the public and differentiates itself from competitors. A strong brand becomes the foundation for building a complex marketing strategy.

Being a digital product studio, we mainly specialize in digital marketing. It is based on research and creativity. We use tools like Google Ads, Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram, and the primary email tool Mailchimp, but also others like EcoMail, Mailjet, etc. For effective research, it's essential to have correctly configured analytical tools. We mostly utilize tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Bringing creativity to innovative technologies allows us to build digital products utilizing every one of our sectors.


How do we work?

Full product from scratch

We can transform your idea into a digital product from scratch.

Individual services

While we prefer a complete solution, you can still order individual services.


We can join your team and work alongside your developers.
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