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Sited is a software development company that creates custom software based on web technologies while giving young people the opportunity to join and learn.

Intro and background

Sited, s.r.o. is a software development company established in 2017 in a small town Ke┼żmarok, Slovak Republic, near High Tatras mountains at the center of Europe. It was a result of joining forces of four friends, each with different skills but common vision - to inspire and empower people to make a living by doing what they love - creative technology.

How did you get into software development?

Long before this company was born, each of the founders were working as self-employed or volunteers in software development, graphic design, multimedia production and project management, even together on common projects. Joining forces was a logical next step.

Where do you have office and why you've chosen Ke┼żmarok?

Our founders were born in Ke┼żmarok and we want to give back the region we were raised in as opposed to everyone else's escape to the capital city.

What processes and technologies do you use?

We specialise in web technologies including, but not limited to React.js and Node.js. It's not that we don't have other experiences, but we've chosen web applications as our industry.

Our team



Sited has three dimensions - creativity, technology and education, together forming a word CITED. With a little wordplay we can replace C with S to create a name that is not so common and resembles websites (that we were making a lot at that time).


In Sited we believe that software is created, not constructed. We believe that a successful software developer must not only have the required technical skill but also be able to think out-of-the-box, know how to work in a team, be creative to overcome all challenges he/she encounters and deliver beautiful and working software to our clients. And also, we do create visual identity, web design and other multimedia production including 3D and VFX.


We love technology so much and try to keep up with trends and stay on the edge but at the same time not use something just because it's shiny and new, if the old is better suited for client's needs and success. We not only want to use technology, but also explore it and teach about it. Technology is part of our everyday lives and it's not going to change anytime soon.


Education is very important to us. Great desire to learn and grow is a must have requirement for all of our team members. If you don't have a mindset of constantly improving, your experience is in vain. But we also want others to be able to do what we do, so we do a lot of educational activities and are really fond of working on educational projects.

Photo of Sited's team members
Photo of Sited's team members

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