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Creation of a presentation website and design of promotional materials for a leading European manufacturer of bed frames and solid beds.
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Denis Suchý
Denis Suchý
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Patrik Benyak
Denis Suchý
Denis Suchý
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Pavol Halás
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Marek Ďaďo
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Who is MRAVA?

For over 20 years, MRAVA has been offering high-quality products on the market, developed according to European trends, with ever-improving features for healthy sleep. The company's vision is to be a leading international furniture manufacturer, a creator of innovative top-quality products, to contribute to environmental protection by using safe materials from renewable sources, and to become an employer where work is a joy, not a necessity.


What did they need?

The main need of the established company was to strengthen its visual identity and create promotional materials that reflect the company's values and close connection with nature. We initiated the collaboration in 2020 by setting the first goal - creating a presentation website, which is a standard and a primary pillar of online promotion today.

Website Mockup


Creation of the Presentation Website

After initial meetings and information exchange, we provided a wireframe design that we fine-tuned with the client. Subsequently, we started dressing up the wireframe step by step. We replaced the established blue and gray color combination with graphite, white, and gold. We added a minimalist wood texture as a graphic element to fill in some sections, symbolizing solid wood as the company's main domain. The color scheme, typography, and ample whitespace evoke a sense of luxury and elegance.

However, the client's main requirement was to depict the connection with nature. Here, the provided photos of beds and still lifes placed in natural settings (forests, rivers, lakes, cliffs) played a crucial role. Both the client and we were satisfied with the final design of individual subpages and the entire website. After finalizing the design prototype, our development team took over.

Considering the proposed design and client requirements, it was clear from the beginning that the website had to be customized down to the smallest detail. We chose to use the Gatsby library, which allows us to create a statically generated website. We placed a strong emphasis on adhering to best practices and optimizing the website's performance.

The company's employees already had previous experience with the WordPress content management system, which is why they wanted to use it for content creation. Since WordPress has included REST API functionality since version 4.1, it can be used in a "headless" mode. Content is managed in the WordPress administration, but Gatsby fetches the content via the API. After adding new content, the website is regenerated, but visitors do not have to wait, which is optimal since there are more content changes than site visitors.

This solution combines the advantages for users of the familiar WordPress environment with the use of modern and optimized technologies such as statically generated pages and the Gatsby library. We deployed the static site on Netlify hosting, where it is placed on a CDN, allowing MRAVA customers from around the world to access the site at maximum speed.

Tablet Mockup
Mrava Catalog Closed

Graphic Design

Catalog and Promotional Materials

After successfully launching the website, there was ongoing collaboration between our graphic designer and the company's marketing team. Since we had outlined a visual style with which both parties were satisfied during the website creation, we simplified the process for subsequent graphic work.

From minor adjustments and flyer designs to designing car wraps and complete product catalog layouts. The catalog itself is the most important and extensive informational and promotional material for the company. It contains all the necessary information about the company, services, and products it offers.

Mrava Catalog Open

The biggest challenge in creating printed materials of this kind is the right choice and arrangement of content, effective communication and collaboration between us and the client in content creation and layout design, selection of photographs and printing material, and emphasis on clarity and simplicity despite the amount of content needed. When printing 10,000 copies, every additional page increases costs. The catalog is distributed at all locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the company sells its products, so it must not only be clear but also attractive, capable of appealing to both business representatives and end customers. After more than 4 months of work, we managed to export the final version and send the catalog to print in mid-2022.

Mrava Catalog Second Side
Mrava Assembly Instructions

3D and Graphic Design

Assembly Instructions

Another perhaps unconventional but interesting request from the client was the creation of assembly instructions for solid beds that are delivered to customers disassembled. In collaboration with a longtime friend and skilled CAD designer Ing. Juraj Bednarčík, we provided the client with instructions for the best-selling beds from the company's portfolio. The entire process began with a visit to the production facility and a detailed explanation of the assembly process by the master. This was followed by hours of photography and measurement of each part and fastening material. After recording all the necessary information, detailed 3D modeling, selection of the right angles, situations, and steps followed to make the instructions as clear and understandable as possible. Graphic work, selection of the right layout, and finalization followed. The result is assembly instructions that can compete with those of large retail chains. The absence of verbal descriptions allows the same instructions to be used for the international market without the need for language variations.

Mrava Assembly Instructions Wide
Mrava Logo

Mrava, s.r.o.

Monika Kromková

Your ability to understand our needs and vision and translate them into creative and effective graphic solutions helped us present our products in a quality way. Our products now stand out in catalogs and posters thanks to your unique and stylish designs. You designed our company's presentation website in a modern, clear, and functional way, incorporating all our requirements. Despite tight deadlines, you adhered to the agreed-upon timelines and worked with enthusiasm and precision. Communication with you was always pleasant, and our collaboration was productive; you always addressed our requests promptly. With your help, we have elevated our company to a higher level. Thank you.


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